The We-Vibe is the best and newest vibrator, made particularly to be worn during sex. The We-Vibe is a little silicone vibrator with 2 vibration points-one that excites your clitoris, and one that presses against your G-spot. The We-Vibe has the form of a C, but is completely flexible, which allows it to bend to completely to hit the right spots.

The We-Vibe is the ideal vibrator for sex or solo play. It was engineered to hug your curves, and presses securely against your G-spot when his dick is within you. The We-Vibe is small and slim ( measuring at 3.25 inches long and 1 inch across ), so a dick or dildo can comfortably fit into the vagina with it.

The We-Vibe has two settings of vibration. The We-Vibe is hands-free and wireless.
Because the We-Vibe conforms to your anatomy, you can wear it within a snug pair of pants for more solo excitement. The We-Vibe is so whisper quiet that nobody will be the wiser.
The We-Vibe is made of medical-grade silicone. It is chargeable, and each charge provides two hours of pleasure. This water-resistant private massager may be employed in the bath or shower for added flexibility.
The We-Vibe includes a discreet case and its own charger. Because it is constructed of medical-grade silicone, you must employ a water-based lubricant with the We-Vibe.

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